Saturday, 18 August 2007


Like many photographers, I have been looking at the options that are available on the Internet, that will let me display and sell my photos, and without costing the earth. I have finally settled on Photium, it has everything you need and in one place, the costs are low and there is even a months free trial. Here is some information taken from their website.

Photium is a web service for photographers, allowing them to easily setup and maintain their own website where they can display and sell their work.Its creator, William Smith, has worked in the photographic industry for over five years. After graduating from UMIST (Manchester University) with an Honours degree in Computation, Will joined ePHOTOzine, the UK's leading photography website. As ePHOTOzine's webmaster he has been responsible for developing the site's features and maintaining its servers. Joining forces with two university friends, Will has led the development of Photium."From my work for ePHOTOzine, I saw there was a great need for a feature-rich, but low-cost photographer website service", Will said. "There are several other services out there, but I felt they all had something wrong or missing, either high costs, or lacking in overall quality. Photium bridges that gap, by providing a higher level of service and functionality at a lower cost."Will always welcomes comments or questions and he can be contacted via this page. To find out more about the services Photium offers, or to start a free trial, please visit the Services page.Photium(prop: W Smith)Greta HouseBurton in Lonsdale Lancs LA6 3LW